Our Leadership

Our Pastors:

Hi, we’re Harry and Bec Cuthbertson, thanks for visiting our church website.

We moved to Wynyard from Hobart in 2014 to pastor New Life Church. It’s been an adventure, that’s for sure. We have four small children, we love our town and we’re grateful for the genuine friendships we have here.

We love meeting new people and hearing their unique story. Our aim is to serve people and encourage them to follow Jesus. We think the way of Jesus is enthralling and exciting and dangerous and challenging and wonderfully life giving.

After many hours of conversations, studying, wresting with, and attempting to live a life following Jesus (and so many failures!) we’re trying to cut through all the noise to distil down the things that really matter.

We make mistakes and we won’t always get it right but we welcome you to come on this journey with us and explore what it is to really follow this man, Jesus, who is so compelling.

Our Denomination:

New Life Church is affiliated with Acts Global Churches.

Our Local Leadership:

We have a local Governance team of mature Christians who shoulder the responsibility of leadership in the church. The current team are; Harry and Bec Cuthbertson, Sheldon Townsend, Lynda Flint and Kath Cooper.