Our Purpose

Be with Jesus

Being a Christian is all about apprenticeship to Jesus. This starts with spending time with him daily through prayer, adoration and reading scripture. Our first purpose as a church is simply to be with, and enjoy Jesus daily. 

Become like Jesus

Apprentices become like the master-craftsmen they follow. It’s only through being with Jesus daily that we could ever hope to become like him. Our second purpose follows the first. It is to commit to the process of personal change. We do this through our spiritual personal practices. This requires that we trust Jesus and his plan for our lives, that we surrender to him daily and we live lives that move towards full submission to him and his will for us.

Bring His Kingdom

When he was on earth, Jesus preached a lot about the kingdom of heaven. It’s an upside down kingdom where the first are last and the royalty are servants. The last thing Jesus told his followers to do was to go and gather people from all the earth, tell them the good news and teach them what Jesus taught. This was how Jesus’ kingdom would invade earth. We think this is still happening. We believe that as we spend time with Jesus and as we become more like him, heaven comes to earth. It’s the third reason we exist as a church. It’s not something you can try to do by yourself, heaven only comes to earth through us when we’re really following Jesus.